Some say “its good to be different…” they are the ones who are not!

Im writing this post in response to a recent event that occured within my family.

My brother and sisterinlaw have adopted a little girl – Lily from china and unfortunately have experienced the first of many unwanted comments…

Yes im mad at the ignorance of pepole – but then you have to wonder as to why these people think like this in the first place? I would like to refer to a theory bought forward by Locke who proposed tabula rasa  meaning blank slate (this is going back a few years in the whole psych degree so bear with me!) he propsed that children were born with a blank slate and as they grew – they took in the world around them and therefore created themselves (environmental conditions), more or less… the opposing view, (who i have a complete blank as to who said it!) felt that children were born with inbuilt emotions/views and personality etc.

I agree with the first view and i believe that at a young age, your environment plays a crucial role in who you become as an adult. Therefore, once you are a bit older and have developed your own identity and sense of being, your opinions and views will change.

This may sound like a whole lot of jargen and blabbing- however, im simply trying to get the point accross that children know no better – and they can be very mean (simply because they speak the truth!) however, as hard as some comments may be, you must take heed to them. It is the adults – the ones who have their own opinion who my brother (as he commented on in rachels post) that you should be teaching a lesson


Exciting news!

After missing her last time she was playing in town, im very excited to be going to see Kasey Chambers and her hubby Shane Nicholson in concert next week! YAY!

goings on lately!

I dont think im cut out for this blog stuff… i dont have much to talk about!

Well, interesting stuff has been happening at work and lets say, its only going to get even more interesting…

i was offered a job today, but im not sure about it at all. im going to have a look at the salon tomorrow and meet the other girls… another lasy aslo rang and wanted the owners number as she wants to make an offer to buy the salon, so thats exciting… but will she want to keep me? thats the question!

Oh, we have baby snails… our snails laid eggs and they hatched on the weekend, so now we have baby snails… and there is another clutch of eggs, so more snails!

too late!

Well…our pup was advertised in the paper today, for nearly half the price that it was originally… so i rang up and they had been sold! The breeder said it will be another couple of years before they breed again!

😦 missed out

our dream puppy

Bronson and i have found our dream dog, although it is going to be a while until we can get one!

Its a Dougue Bordeaux – think turner and hootch

they are big dogs, but thats what we want 🙂 But there are a few things we need to do before we get a douge – like save! and build a fence to keep him in!

So… lets see what happens 🙂

my new fish

today i got myself another male fighter fish. He is red and rather feisty… Now we have the two boys and five girls…

back to work tomorrow

Michael is one tomorrow!

Wow! i cant believe that my nephew michael will be 1 tomorrow, its so exciting…. we are hoping to get up there as soon as we can to see him again, its only been just over a month but im sure so much has changed since xmas!

My niece Lily

Lily In BlueHappy birthday Lily!

Its lilys 2nd birthday today- i have attached a photo of her in her new outfit for the Chinese new year parade that she will be in…

how excitemnet!

Well i am very excited about meeting Lily for the first time

Albert, Rachel and Lily arrive at lunch time on Friday, Just 3 sleeps to go now 🙂

Happy 2008!

Happy new year!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and 2008 is treating you well so far…

Im gonna give this blog thing a try, it looks like fun 🙂

Im enjoying a week off at the moment, but looking forward to going back to work on tuesday – how sad!

Bye for now